General Population Messaging

General Public Guidance

Below is a selection of COVID-19 guidance documents available for download.Some of the documents are available in multiple languages. Please check back often as the documents may have updates or new information added. 

Social Distancing and Self-Monitoring
Guidance for People at Higher Risk
Guidance for Pregnant Women
Coping With Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks
Viruses Don’t Discriminate and Neither Should We
Cleaning and Disinfecting
Guidance for Pet Shelters and Owners
Guidance for General Public
How to treat mild symptoms
Guidance for using masks
Proper Use of Masks
Guidance for gloves
Do not mix these cleaning products
COVID-19 Activity in Parks and Recreation
Guidance for Public Transportation
Safe Sex Interactions
Guidance for Laundry
Domestic Violence Resources
Guidance for Funerals
Apartment Residents

Mass Gatherings

Travelers (CDC Info)

Travelers (Self-monitoring & Social Distancing)